Pediatric ASP Toolkit

State Mandates and Efforts

Legislative Mandates


The California Antibiotic Stewardship Program Initiative

“Since 2008 California law required that general acute care hospitals develop a process for monitoring the judicious use of antibiotics and that the results are monitored by quality improvement committee(s). In September 2014, California Senate Bill 1311 was signed into law, further requiring hospitals to adopt and implement an Antibiotic stewardship policy in accordance with guidelines established by federal government and professional organizations, and to establish a physician-supervised multidisciplinary Antibiotic stewardship committee with at least one physician or pharmacist who has undergone specific training related to stewardship.”


In Missouri, SB 1066 requires hospitals to develop antibiotic stewardship policies by August 28, 2017. Additionally, the department of health must report to the legislature annually on the incidence, type, and distribution of Antibiotic‐resistant infections in the state.

Statewide Antibiotic Stewardship Efforts

Improving the health of children worldwide through philanthropic support of scientific and educational programs.

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