• Clinical Affairs

    The Committee identifies and evaluates issues related to the clinical practice of pediatric infectious diseases that are important to implementing the Society’s Mission, keeps the membership informed about these issues, and works with other organizations to foster excellence in the clinical practice of medicine.

    Committee Membership

    Sandra Arnold, MD (’15-22), Chair
    Maria Carrillo, MD (’20-’23)
    Shaina Hecht, MD (’18-’21) Fellow
    Lisa Hiskey, DO (’20-’23)
    Galit Holzmann-Pagal, MD (’18-’22)
    Wei Li Koay, MBBS (’18-’21) Fellow
    Vandana Madhavan, MD, MPH (’20-’23)
    Kristin Moffitt, MD (’18-’21)
    April Palmer, MD (’19-’22)
    Julia Piwoz, MD (’19-’22)
    Mobeen Rathore, MD (’17-’23)
    Christine Salvatore, MD (’18-’21)
    Felicia Scaggs Huang, MD (’18-’21) Fellow
    John Schieffelin, MD (’17-’23)
    Sanjeev Swami, MD (’18-’21)
    Surabhi (Sara) Vora, MD, MPH (’19-’22)
    Joshua Wolf, MBBS (’18-’21)
    Hina Zaidi, MD (’19-’22)

  • Communications

    The Committee oversees and coordinates communications within the Society, between the Society and other organizations with shared missions, and between the Society and the public. The Committee also evaluates publications of the Society, as well as other potential communication vehicles in meeting the needs of the membership, conducts negotiations for publications, as needed, and develops recommendations for future means of communication, including long-range plans for PIDSNews.

    Committee Membership

    Rebecca Wallihan, MD (’13-’22) Chair
    Michael Chang, MD (’18-’21)
    Andrew Cox, MD, PhD (’20-’23)
    Donna Fisher, MD (’19-’22)
    Amin Hakim, MD (’18-’21)
    Nada Harik, MD (’17-’22)
    Saul Hymes, MD (’13-’21)
    Shahzeb Javed, MSc (’19-’22)
    Aslam Khan, DO (’20-’23)
    Kevin O’Callaghan, MD (’18-’21)
    Marisu Rueda, MD (’19-’22)
    Julia Sammons, MD (’18-’21)
    Alice Sato, MD, PhD (’19-’22)
    Jana Shaw, MD (’19-’22)
    Katie Weakley, MD (’20-’23)
    Rachel Zhang, MD (’19-’22)

  • Social Media Working Group

    Assist the Social Media Work Group in maintaining PIDS’ online presence via Facebook and Twitter by posting pediatric ID relevant information during conferences.

    Committee Membership

    Saul Hymes, MD, JPIDS Social Media Editor
    Kevin O’Callaghan, MD Social Media Editor
    Michael Chang, MD (’18-’21)
    Andrew Cox, MD, PhD (’20-’23)
    Aslam Khan, DO (’20-’23)
    Alice Sato, MD, PhD (’19-’22)

  • Education

    The Committee engages with colleagues in partner societies, such as IDSA, SHEA, AST to develop and promote educational programs and services for our membership, develops educational materials that advance clinical care in ID, and considers strategies for bringing ID education to the broader community.

    Committee Membership 

    Debra Palazzi, MD (’17-’21) Chair
    Ibukun Akinboyo, MD (’18-’21)
    Aparna Arun, MD (’18-’21)
    Juri Boguniewicv (’18-’21)
    Rachit Chawla, MD, MBBS (’20-’23)
    Ankita Desai, MD (’18-’21)
    Megan Donahue, MD (’18-’21)
    Yasaman Fatemi, MD (’20-’23)
    Michelle Hoffman, MD (’15-’21)
    Sabah Kalyoussef, DO (’19-’22)
    Victoria Konold, MD (’18-’21)
    Karen Ravin, MD (’18-’21)
    Elizabeth Ristagno, MD, MSc (’19-’22)
    Terri Stillwell, MD, MPH (’20-’23)
    Gillian Taormina, DO (’20-’23)
    Betty Vu, PharmD (’18-’21)
    Bethany Wattles, PharmD (’18-’21)
    Heather Young, MD, MSc (’19-’22)

  • Finance

    The Committee oversees the Society’s financial activities, makes suggestions regarding the investment and use of Society monies to promote its goals and programs, and determines whether membership dues are appropriate for the expenses incurred by the Society.

    Committee Membership 

    H.D. Davies, MD (’10-’23) Chair
    Archana Chatterjee, MD, PhD (’17-’23)
    Susan Coffin, MD, MPH (’19-’21)
    Ravi Jhaveri, MD (’19-’22)
    Kari Simonsen, MD (’14-’23)
    Isaac Thomsen, MD (’19-’22)
    Charles Woods, MD (’21-’23)

  • International Affairs

    The International Affairs Committee will foster interactions within PIDS and with members of international pediatric infectious disease societies, to support global collaborations in clinical care, research, and education.

    Committee Membership

    Elizabeth Schlaudecker, MD, MPH (’17-’22) Chair
    Abdulsalam Alsulami, MD, MSPH (’19-’22)
    Tess Barton, MD (’20-’23)
    Ahmed Bayoumi, MD (’20-’23)
    Deborah Bloch, MD (’18-’21)
    Miguela Caniza, MD (’19-’22)
    James Carlucci, MD (’17-’23)
    Lisa Marie Cranmer, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Keerti Dantuluri, MD (’19-’22)
    Sahera Dirajlal-Fargo (’18-’21)
    Guliz Erdem, MD (’20-’23)
    Leslie Enane, MD (’15-’21)
    W. Garrett Hunt, MD (’18-’21)
    Pui-Ying Iroh Tam, MD (’19-’22)
    Satja Issaranggoon MD (’18-’21) Fellow
    Nazia Kabani, MD (’18-’21) Fellow
    Ye Jin Kang, MD, MSC (’20-’23)
    Spyridon Karageorgos, MD (’19-’22)
    Karen Kotloff, MD (’18-’21)
    Parvathi Kumar, MBBS (’15-’21)
    Sarah Labuda, MD, MPH (’15-’21)
    Miriam Laufer, MD (’18-’22)
    Ian Michelow, MD (’18-’21)
    Usman Nasir Nakakana (’19-’22)
    Liset Olarte, MD, MSC (’20-’23)
    Rosemary Olivero, MD (’15-’21)
    Sameer Patel, MD, MPH (’16-’22)
    Jennifer Read, MD, MPH, DTM&H (’18-’22)
    Tanya Rogo, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Chokechai Rongkavilit, MD (’18-’21)
    Roberto Santos, MD, MSC (’18-’21)
    Andi Shane, MD, MPH, MSc FPIDS (’18-’21)
    Indi Trehan, DTM&H, MD, MPH (’19-’22)

  • Pediatric Committee on Antimicrobial Stewardship

    The Committee establishes best practices for developing, monitoring and implementing good antibiotic stewardship for children cared for across health care settings, and focuses its efforts on ASP tools, educational curriculum and research.

    Committee Membership

    Rana Hamdy, MD, MPH (’17-’22) Chair
    Alison Tribble, MD (’17-’24) Vice Chair
    Lukman Abdurrahim, MD (’20-’23)
    Mayssa Abuali, MD (’18-’21)
    Ritu Banerjee, MD, PhD (’10-’21)
    Sejal Bhavsar, MD (’20-’23)
    Fernando Bula-Rudas, MD (’18-’21)
    Kathleen Chiotos, MD (’20-’23)
    Cora Constantinescu, MD (’19-’22)
    Dhanya Dharmapalan, MD (’18-’21)
    Lourdes Eguiguren, MD (’19-’22)
    Rana El Feghaly, MD (’20-’23)
    Marisol Fernandez, MD (’20-’23)
    Dustin Flannery, DO (’18-’21)
    Bishara Freij, MD (’18-’21)
    Andrew Gainey, PharmD (’18-’21)
    Julianne Green, MD, PhD (’19-’22)
    Sandra Guerguis, MD (’20-’23)
    Adam Hersh, MD, PhD (’16-’21)
    Torsten Joerger, MD (’19-’22)
    Candace Johnson, MD (’15-’21)
    John Manaloor, MD (’17-’23)
    Lee Morris, DTM&H, MD, MSPH (’18-’21)
    Jared Olson, PharmD (’20-’23)
    Ronda Oram, MD (’18-’21)
    Patricia Pichilingue-Reto, MD (’19-’22)
    Leila Posch, MD (’20-’23)
    Sara Eloisa Rivera Molina, MD (’19-’22)
    Hayden Schwenk, MD (’18-’21)
    Craig Shapiro, MD (’18-’21)
    Prachi Singh, DO (’18-’21)
    Kevin Spicer, MD (’18-’21)
    Michael TeKippe, MD, PhD (’18-’21)
    Emily Thorell, MD (’18-’21)
    Elizabeth Walter (’20-’23)
    Bethany Wattles, PharmD (’21-’23)
    Zachary Willis, MD, MPH (’16-’22)
    Jon Woods, MD (’18-’21)
    Tracy Zembles, PharmD (’19-’22)

  • Pediatric Transplant ID Committee

    The Pediatric Transplant ID Committee promotes multicenter research in pediatric transplant ID with the aim of facilitating research to understand, treat and prevent infections and their complications in children undergoing solid organ or stem cell transplantation. The Committee will foster research on host-microbe interactions and their impact on transplant outcome and provide a platform to propose research concepts that can leverage a vast network of potential investigators at individual sites who have a keen interest in collaboration. The Committee will work to promote education and collaboration through ongoing efforts to develop transplant ID curricula and an annual Pediatric Transplant ID Symposium sponsored by the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and PIDS.

    Committee Membership

    Betsy Herold, MD, Chair (’18-’21)
    Janet Englund, MD Co-Chair (’18-’21)
    Amina Ahmed, MD (’18-’21)
    Shannon Andrews, MD (’18-’21)
    Monica Ardura, DO, MSc (’18-’21)
    Hamid Bassiri, MD, PhD (’18-’21)
    Natalie Dailey Garnes, MD, MPH, MS (’20-’23)
    Lara Danziger-Isakov, MD (’19-’22)
    Kevin Downes, MD (’18-’21)
    Thomas Fox, MD (’18-’21)
    Hayley Gans, MD (’18-’21)
    Katy Goggin, MD (’18-’21) Fellow
    Ivan Gonzalez, MD (’18-’21)
    Michael Green, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Natasha Halasa, MD, MPH, FPIDS (’18-’21)
    Benjamin Hanisch, MD (’18-’21)
    Taylor Heald-Sargent, MD, PhD (’19-’22)
    Diego Hijano, MD (’19-’22)
    Manjiree Karandikar, MD, MBS (’18-’21)
    Aspasia Katragkou, MD, PhD (’18-’21) Fellow
    Madan Kumar, DO (’18-’21)
    Theresa Madigan, MD (’20-’23)
    Gabriela Maron, MD(’18-’21)
    Eric McGrath, MD (’18-’21)
    Marian Michaels, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Elizabeth Moulton, MD, PhD (’18-’21)
    Bill Muller, MD, PhD (’18-’21)
    Flor Munoz, MD (’18-’21)
    Mark Murphy, DO (’18-’21) Fellow
    Kari Neemann, MD (’18-’21)
    William Otto, MD (’19-’22)
    Tanvi Sharma, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Masako Shimamura, MD (’18-’21)
    Victoria Statler, MD (’18-’21)
    William Steinbach, MD, FPIDS (’18-’21)
    Paul Sue, MD (’18-’21)
    Salwa Sulieman, DO (’18-’21)
    Mehgan Teherani, MD, MS (’19-’22)
    Sanya Thomas, MD (’20-’23) Fellow
    Elaine Tuomanen, MD (’19-’22)
    Surabhi (Sara) Vora, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Rachel Wattier, MD (’18-’21)
    Nava Yeganeh, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Inci Yildirim, MD, MSc, PhD (’18-’21)

  • Program and Meetings

    The Programs and Meetings Committee (PMC) participates in the planning of pediatric infectious disease content for the annual Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) and IDWeek meetings.

    Committee Membership

    Marsha Anderson, MD (’15-’21) Chair
    Roberta DeBiasi, MD (’16-’22) Vice Chair
    David Hyun, MD (’16-’20) IDWeek Chair
    Ann Chahroudi, MD, PhD (’18-’21) PAS Chair
    Hayley Gans, MD (’18-’21) IDWeek Vice Chair
    Bill Steinbach, MD (’20-’21) IDWeek Vice Chair Elect
    Natasha Halasa,MD, MPH(’17-’21) IDWeek Past Chair
    Daniel Dulek, MD (’19-’22)
    Ishminder Kaur, MD (’18-’21)
    Gabriella Lamb, MD, MPH (’20-’23)
    Paul Lantos, MD, MS (’18-’21)
    Ketzela Marsh, MD (’18-’21) Fellow
    Natalie Neu, MD (’18-’21)
    Roberto Santos, MD, MSC (’20-’23)
    Kari Simonsen, MD (’19-’22)
    Louise Vaz, MD, MPH (’18-’21)

  • Publications

    The Committee develops, oversees, and promotes the publication of the Society’s scientific journal including supplements to the Journal and associated publications and works collaboratively with the Editor-In-Chief, the Associate Editors, and the Editorial Board; reports to the Board of Directors, at least annually, regarding the editorial and financial status of the journal; and makes recommendations to Board of Directors on substantive editorial policy issues and financial matters.

    Committee Membership

    Janet Gilsdorf, MD, FPIDS (’17-’21) Co-Chair
    Paul Spearman, MD, FPIDS (’19-’23) Co-Chair
    Rabia Agha, MD (’18-’21)
    Stephen Aronoff, MD (’18-’21)
    James Cherry, MD, MSc (’17-’23)
    Janet Englund, MD (’13-’23)
    Rachel Epstein, MD (’20-’23)
    Andrew Handel, MD (’18-’21) Fellow
    Sara Healy, MD, MPH (’19-’22)
    James McAuley, MD (’18-’21)
    Asuncion Mejias, MD, MSc, PhD (’19-’22)
    Nilson Nogueira Mendes Neto, MD (’18-’21)
    Pablo Sanchez, MD (’17-’23)
    Anna Sick-Samuels, MD, MPH (’19-’22)
    Jill Weatherhead, MD (’18-’21)

  • Research Affairs

    The Committee plans and executes the PIDS-St. Jude Research Conference; administers the Pichichero Family Foundation Research Award, identifies mechanisms to increase visibility of physician scientists within PIDS and to recruit new physician-scientists to pediatric infectious diseases, engages with colleagues in partner societies, such as IDSA, ESPID, SPR, and ASM to facilitate physician-scientist development, improves funding support for medical student and resident participation in PIDS-related conferences and PIDS research, and improves research funding support for pediatric ID research.

    Committee Membership

    Buddy Creech, MD, MPH (’11-’21) Chair/BOD
    Grace Aldrovandi, MD (’18-’21)
    Larry Anderson, MD (’20-’23)
    Anne Blaschke, MD, PhD (’16-’23)
    Ann Chahroudi, MD, PhD (’17-’23)
    Angela Desmond, MD, PhD (’20-’23)
    Anthony Flores, MD, MPH, PhD (’19-’22)
    Mark Hicar, MD, PhD (’19-’22)
    Diego Hijano, MD (’19-’22)
    Leigh Howard, MD (’19-’22)
    Lilly Immergluck, MD, MS (’20-’23)
    Andrew Janowski, MD (’18-’21)
    Matthew Kelly, MD, MPH (’20-’23)
    Lindsey Kirkpatrick, DO, PhD (’18-’21) Fellow
    Hillary Miller-Handley, MD (’20-’23)
    Leena Mithal, MD (’19-’22)
    Emma Mohr, MD (’20-’23)
    Flor Munoz, MD (’20-’23)
    Abdul Mannan Mustafa, MBBS (’20-’23)
    Sallie Permar, MD, PhD (’19-’22)
    Octavio Ramilo, MD (’20-’23)
    Shannon Ross, MD (’19-’22)
    Drew Schwartz, MD, PhD (’20-’23)
    Gwenn Skar, MD (’17-’23)
    Jessica Snowden, MD (’14-‘22)
    Neil Surana, MD, PhD (’18-’21)
    Beth Thielen, MD, PhD (’18-’21) Fellow

  • Training Programs

    This Committee develops annual ID Week Fellows’ Day curricula in order to foster professional development among fellows, educate fellows/residents via case presentations and career planning sessions, and attract promising talent into Pediatric Infectious Diseases fellowship programs. Specifically, the committee: a) reviews and selects fellow and resident cases for presentation and potential publication in JPIDS, b) organizes and facilitates career planning presentations and round-table discussions (considering yearly attendee feedback), and c) organizes fellow-focused networking events; informs and supports training program directors on issues such as accreditation, recruitment, fellowship support, workforce development, and tools and resources for fellowship directors and fellows (e.g. fellowship survival guide); enhances standards for fellowship training; and communicates with members on issues related to re-certification of Pediatric Infectious Diseases sub-specialists; participates in educational-based research related to trainees and training programs; oversees the publication of the e-brochure, “Directory of Training Programs in Pediatric Infectious Diseases”, and the Fellows Survival Guide; acts as a liaison to the Council on Pediatric Subspecialties collaborating with other Pediatric subspecialties on subjects related to pediatric training including; workforce issues, clinical training programs, and training logistics; and plans and organizes a visit from at least one TPC or PIDS Board member to each ID Week poster presented by a pediatric ID fellow, pediatric resident, or medical student in order to encourage academic progress, foster interest in Pediatric ID, and to promote involvement in PIDS.

    Committee Membership

    Joshua Watson, MD (’19-’23) Chair
    Scott James, MD (’18-’23) Vice Chair
    Angela Myers, MD (’14-’21) Past Chair
    Elisabeth Adderson, MD (’18-’21)
    Shanna Barton, MD (’19-’22)
    Christy Beneri, DO (’18-’21)
    Samina Bhumbra, MD (’18-’21)
    Andres Camacho-Gonzalez, MD, MSc (’18-’21)
    Laura Norton, MD (’16-’22)
    Christopher Ouellette, MD (’20-’23)
    Grant Paulsen, MD (’18-’21)
    Amol Purandare, MD (’20-’23)
    Julia Rosebush, DO (’18-’21)
    Jennifer Schuster, MD (’19-’22)
    Angela Veesenmeyer, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Kavita Warrier, MD (’20-’23)
    James Wood, MD, MSc (’18-’21)
    Jumi Yi, MD (’18-’21)

  • Vaccine Advocacy

    The Committee develops and implements a set of coherent recommendations and actions for PIDS, emphasizing proactive rather than reactive efforts concerning vaccine safety.

    Committee Membership

    Sean O’Leary, MD (’13-’23) Co-Chair
    Sandra Fowler, MD, MSc (’10-’21) C0-Chair
    Evan Anderson, MD (’18-’21)
    Aparna Arun, MD (’19-’22)
    Daniel Blatt, MD (’19-’22)
    Thomas Boyce, MD (’20-’23)
    Jessica Cataldi, MD (’18-’21)
    James Conway, MD (’18-’21)
    Kristen Feemster, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
    Doran Fink, MD, PhD (’19-’22)
    Claudia Gaviria-Agudelo, MD, MS (’18-‘21)
    Daniele Gusland, MD (’19-’22)
    Caitlin Hansen (’18-’21)
    Mary Healy, MD (’19-’22)
    Tuhina Joseph, DO, MS (’19-’22)
    Mundeep Kainth, DO (’18-’21)
    Nicky Klein, MD, PhD (’19-’22)
    Katherine Knapp, MD (’19-’22)
    Erin Nicholson, MD (’18-’21)
    Jennifer Read, MD, MPH, MS (’20-’23)
    Frances Saccoccio, MD, PhD (’20-’23)
    Mike Smith, MD, MSC (’20-’23)
    Zheyi Tuoh, MBBS (’20-’23)
    Claudia Vicetti Miguel, MD (’20-’23)
    Kathleen Winter, MD, PhD (’18-’21)
    Susan Wootton, MD (’18-’21)

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Education and Research Foundation Committees

  • Fellowship Awards

    The Committee reviews applications submitted for Fellowship Awards given by the Society, selects recipients, and reviews progress reports written by awardees.

    Committee Membership

    Jason Weinberg, MD (’16-’22) Chair
    Suresh Boppana, MD (’18-’21)
    Andres Camacho-Gonzalez, MD, MSC (’21-’23)
    Kevin Cassady, MD (’18-’21)
    Avika Dixit, MBBS, MPH (’18-’21)
    Abby Green, MD (’21-’23)
    Thomas Murray, MD (’19-’22)
    Tara Ness, MPH (’17-’21)
    Philana Lin, MD (’19-’22)
    Christina Rostad, MD (’18-’21)
    Masako Shimamura, MD (’17-’22)

  • St. Jude Review Committee

    The Committee reviews applications submitted for the PIDS – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Fellowship Program in Basic and Translational Research given by the Society, selects recipients, and reviews progress reports written by awardees.

    Committee Membership

    Joseph St. Geme, MD, Chair
    Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD
    Peter Hotez, MD, PhD
    Charles Rice, PhD
    Elaine Tuomanen, MD
    Christy Phillips, MSA, Staff

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