Pediatric ASP Toolkit

Tracking and Reporting

Data and Extraction

  • EHR data
  • Claims data
  • Recurrent reports
  • Chart review

Inclusion and Analysis

  • Consider data analyst and/or IT support
  • Level: facility, clinic, individual
  • Frequency: monthly, quarterly
  • Benchmarking
  • Peer comparison

Available Metrics

  • Proportion of total visits resulting in an antibiotic1
  • Proportion of viral acute respiratory tract infections receiving antibiotics2
    • URI HEDIS measure for reimbursement evaluates the number of URIs not receiving an antibiotic3
  • Proportion of children diagnosed with Streptococcal pharyngitis receiving an antibiotic other than penicillin or amoxicillin
  • Proportion of all respiratory infections visits receiving antibiotics
  • Proportion of children with pharyngitis prescribed an antibiotic who did not have a streptococcal test
  • Proportion of acute otitis media, sinusitis, or community-acquired pneumonia receiving broad spectrum antibiotics4,5
  • Duration of therapy6
  • Adverse drug events
  • Incidence of C. difficile infections
  • Revisit rate for acute respiratory tract infections
  • Appropriateness (tiered classification)7,8
  • Amoxicillin Index9
  • Azithromycin index (proportion of azithromycin prescribed among all antibiotics prescribed)


  • Meetings: institutional, departmental
  • Individual provider feedback reports
  • Delivery: dashboards, emails


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