Pediatric ASP Toolkit

How To Guide: Starting an Inpatient ASP

Starting an Inpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Program

How to Utilize the Toolkit?

Key steps for starting an inpatient antibiotic stewardship program are listed below. Next to each step is the link to a section within the toolkit with more information and resources.

A goal for any antibiotic stewardship program is to follow the CDC core elements of an antibiotic stewardship program. The steps below should help you achieve that goal. The toolkit has a section for each core element.

Build the Case for Antibiotic Stewardship

Obtain Leadership Commitment Letter

Develop a Business Plan

Develop an ASP Policy

Form Your ASP Team

Determine the Type of Stewardship ACTIONS You Will Perform

Develop an Education Plan:

  • Introduce and describe your antibiotic stewardship plan
  • Educate the entire hospital staff on antibiotic resistance and stewardship

Determine Data Targets and How You Will Track Them

  • Process measures include: days of therapy, length of therapy, and standardized antimicrobial administration ratio
  • Outcome measures include: length of stay, hospital-onset C. difficile rates, antibiotic resistance

Determine How and To Whom You Will Report the Data

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