Fellows Survival Guide

Funding Opportunities

Some fellowships will encourage you to identify funding sources for your second and third year. Ask about funding expectations during your fellowship interviews. If you anticipate applying for funding, discuss this with your fellowship director early on, as some deadlines fall even before you start fellowship. Fellows also may apply for grants for specific research studies, or begin applying for funding for the years after fellowship if that is in line with career plans. If you have interest in pursuing research as part of your carer, you should take advantage of any opportunities to read and write grants during your fellowship. 

PIDS maintains a list of funding opportunities for investigators, fellows and issues some fellow awards of its own.

Additional sites to investigate:

  1. www.nih.gov: Nationally, individuals look to NIH funding. Many institutions hold training grants (T32), or can help you apply for NIH Fellowship funding (F-series).
  2. Loan Repayment through the NIH is possible for those planning to pursue research careers.
  3. Antimicrobial Resistance Leadership Group 
  4. Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI)
  5. Thrasher Research Fund
  6. IDSA ERF/NFID Merle A. Sande/Pfizer Fellowship Award in International Infectious Diseases
  7. The Gerber Foundation Novice Researcher Award
  8. Burroughs Welcome Fund Career Award for Medical Scientists
  9. Pediatric Scientists Development Program (PSDP)
  10. Doris Duke Charitable Foundation: Physician Scientist Fellowship
  11. Albert Einstein has historically maintained a comprehensive website

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