Fellows Survival Guide

Appendix III – Sample Email for Job Inquiry

Dear Dr. ____________,

I am a third-year fellow in pediatric infectious diseases at [fellowship institution]. [Mentor’s name or whomever is appropriate] suggested I contact you to learn more about potential opportunities for a faculty position at [potential job institution].


I met [name] at [PID meet or another venue] who suggested I contact you…


I am responding to the position posted on the PIDS website.

I hope to find a position that will begin in the [season] of [year].

Optional: In addition to my interest in joining a division at [type of institution, such as an academic children’s hospital], I am also interested in relocating my family to the [region of the country]


Remaining in the [region of the country … because [reason, such as my spouse and I have strong family ties to the region, or my spouse/partner has/is exploring a position there].

I have attached my CV and a formal cover letter describing my experiences and interests. I am available by e-mail [give the e-address] or phone [give the phone #] to discuss any potential opportunities or to answer any questions. I am also attending [upcoming PID meeting with dates] and would be delighted to meet with you or another member of your division to learn more about your program.

Your Name

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