Fellows Survival Guide

Appendix IV – Sample Article Review Checklist

Journal Review Checklist


  • Reflects purpose and within word limits, 12 words or less, no acronyms
  • Declarative, descriptive, interrogative


  • Within word limit
  • Clearly articulates the hypothesis
  • Describes M/M adequately
  • Summary of results complete
  • Conclusion statement clear 


  • Clear statement of purpose
  • Includes rationale and goals of study
  • Introduces unique terms
  • Includes references that are appropriate

Materials and Methods

  • Type of study described meta-analysis, systematic review, randomized control, cohort study, case control, cross sectional, cross over, case report or series, longitudinal, bench based
  • Design avoids bias
  • Enough information that could be replicated 
  • Defines study groups, patient selection, techniques, outcomes, endpoints
  • Control groups used, variables, other factors that impacted outcome
  • Cost benefit analysis included
  • IRB approval
  • Clear definition and inclusion of appropriate statistical methods
  • Number needed to treat or harm


  • Parallels order in M/M
  • Section headings used or needed
  • Figures easy to read and interpret
  • Figure legends clear
  • Tables needed or text suffices


  • Was hypothesis verified
  • Were findings in line with prior studies
  • Were appropriate articles referenced
  • Were limitations completely discussed
  • Was the concluding paragraph c/w results


  • Followed journal citation format and complete


  • Appropriate for journal audience?
  • Errors in grammar or syntax?
  • Readability-clear and logical?
  • Timely, relevant?
  • Will journal readers value?
  • Appropriate format for journal?

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