Fellows Survival Guide

Board Certification

Know the ABP board requirements early! Eligibility criteria are on the ABP website: general subspecialty and pediatric infectious diseases requirements. Pediatric infectious diseases board exam is only offered every other year (November of odd years).

It is a good idea to do the yearly in-training exams as these give you a good feel for the test. Doing the monthly questions on PREP-ID offered by the AAP and taking board review courses such as the PREP:ID offered in July of odd years may be a good idea as well.

Briefly, to be able to sit for the board, you need to:

  1. Fill the application on the ABP website between February and April of the year the exam is offered, at www.abp.org. This will include general information, your Scholarly activity and committee members, licensure information (active license required to apply), and payment of a little less than $3000 (changes from year to year). Late applications will cost you more money! Dates and fees are generally listed by the ABP few months in advance.
  2. Your scholarly activity materials must be submitted by your subspecialty program director at the end of your training. These include:
    • Verification of Training
    • Your work product Projects in which the fellows develop hypotheses or in projects of substantive scholarly exploration and analysis requiring critical thinking. Specifically, abstracts, book chapters, and review articles would NOT be expected to meet the requirement for Scholarly Activity. Examples of acceptable work products per the ABP are:
      • A peer-reviewed publication in which a fellow played a substantial role
      • An in-depth manuscript describing a completed project
      • A thesis or dissertation written in connection with the pursuit of an advanced degree
      • An extramural grant application that has either been accepted or favorably reviewed
      • A progress report for projects of exceptional complexity, such as a multi-year clinical trial
    • Your signature and the signatures of your program director and members of your SOC on your work product
  3. Once these are accepted, you will receive an acceptance notice from the ABP and will be able to schedule the test in the Prometric website.
  4. The test is computerized, offered one day every other year, 4.5 hours long, and divided into two sections. Review the Prometric policies before getting ready to sit for your exam.

International Medical Graduates training on a J-1 visa are eligible to extend their DS-2019 to sit for their pediatric infectious diseases boards (only if offered the same year of graduation). J1 extension for board examination can occur even if the applicant has used all 7 years of J1 eligibility but must have proof of board exam registration and documentation of funding (work is not permitted for this specific extension).

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