Telemedicine Toolkit

Medicaid and Telemedicine

Information regarding provider and patient eligibility for telemedicine visits. Including CMS coverage and reimbursement policies as well as state by state regulations and resources.

  • Telemedicine: Two-way, real-time interactive communication between the patient, and the physician or practitioner at the distant site
    • At a minimum, uses audio and video equipment
  • Each state chooses whether, what and whom to cover
    • State-specific Medicaid websites
    • Regional Telehealth Resource Centers (next page) 
  • SUPPORT ACT (April 2020): “Support Use-Disorder Prevention That Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities”
    • The goal of improving access to additional treatment, promoting telehealth and telemedicine
    • Section 1009(d), May 2020: Report to Congress specifically re: reducing pediatric barriers to treatment of substance abuse disorders 

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