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Sep. 21, 2022

Member Spotlight: John Vanchiere

John A. Vanchiere, MD, PhD is a second-generation Louisiana pediatrician who has been on the faculty at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, LA for the past 15 years. He is currently Professor of Pediatrics, Medical Director of the Clinical Trials Office and an Associate Director of the Center for Emerging Viral Threats.  Dr. Vanchiere completed…

Sep. 21, 2022

In The News: Parents’ Concerns About Safety of Childhood Vaccines Increased During Pandemic

Healio presents insights from a pair of research studies into vaccine disruptions and vaccine hesitancy coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic. The studies show a drop in vaccine coverage in the adolescent age group and rising parental concerns into harmful effects of vaccines, respectively. Taken together, they demonstrate the need for pediatricians to effectively communicate the…

Sep. 21, 2022

In The News: Complexity of COVID Vaccine Program Leads to Concerns About Potential for Error

A story in STAT News looks at the increased complexity of proper COVID-19 vaccine storage and administration with the rollout of the bivalent booster program. At a recent ACIP meeting, the panel shared their concerns with keeping as many as 11 different brands and formulations of vaccine straight in doctors offices, clinics, and pharmacies nationwide…

Sep. 7, 2022

President’s Letter from C. Buddy Creech –

I wish I had been a communications major during college. I simply had no idea that effective communication was one of the most critical elements of being a physician. We see this in so many ways: How do I establish a tone, in just the first few minutes of a patient encounter, that will engender…

Sep. 7, 2022

In The News: Diversity of Pediatric Academic Faculty Does Not Reflect Patients, Study Finds

Healio reports on a recently published faculty diversity study. Part of the research looked at the 20-year trend of pediatric faculty to gauge how many of those who identified as underrepresented in medicine trainees made their way into academic medicine. Despite well-intended efforts, researchers found the number unchanged. The study utilized the Association of American…

Sep. 7, 2022

In The News: COVID-19 Pandemic Reversed Years of Progress Against Antimicrobial Resistance

Healio shares findings from a CDC report on antimicrobial resistance during the pandemic. It shows resistant hospital-onset infections and deaths both increased by at least 15% during the first year of COVID-19. The increase in resistant infections reversed much of the progress antimicrobial prevention and control efforts had achieved over the past decade. CDC authors…

Open Call for PIDS Vice Chair-elect to IDWeek Planning Committee

The Program and Meetings Committee seeks nominations to fill the critical role of Vice Chair, which represents PIDS and the pediatric track, on the IDWeek Planning Committee.  The IDWeek program committee consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and Vice Chair-elect, who work with the broader Program committee members and the PIDS community to develop the…

Aug. 24, 2022

Member Spotlight: Bonnie M. Word

Bonnie M. Word, MD, is the director of Houston Travel Medicine Clinic. Dr. Word received her medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She completed her residency at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and her fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Disease at Boston City Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Word began…

Aug. 24, 2022

In The News: FDA Approves Flu Medication Xofluza for Younger Children

As reported by Healio, the FDA has approved Xofluza, an oral medication, for children ages 5-11 who have been symptomatic for no more than 48 hours. It is also approved for post-exposure prophylaxis for those in that age group who have been in contact with someone with the flu. Though pandemic flu seasons have been…

Aug. 24, 2022

In The News: Childhood Polio Vaccination Rate Is Dangerously Low in Some New York Communities, Increasing the Risk of an Outbreak

CNBC reports on the alarming polio vulnerabilities in some New York counties. This is despite a mandatory polio vaccine requirement in the state for all children attending day care and K-12 schools, whether public, private, or religious affiliation. Exemptions for the mandate are only available for children with a condition that would prevent them from…

Aug. 24, 2022

PIDS Foundation News: Mary ‘Mimi’ Glode

Mary ‘Mimi’ Glodé, MD, retired from active practice in 2014 and is a Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Prior to that decision, she was a Professor of Pediatrics and Chief, Section of Pediatric Infectious Disease at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Director of Medical Education, Children’s Hospital Colorado….

Aug. 10, 2022

President’s Letter from C. Buddy Creech – Fostering Community Through Sharing Our Struggles

Just prior to the pandemic, a dear friend of mine introduced me to a phrase that increasingly comes to mind in group settings: When we share only our successes with each other, it breeds competition; but, when we also share our struggles and failures, it fosters community. An aspiration of PIDS is to support a professional…

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