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Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society

The Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (JPIDS) is the leading journal in the field of pediatric ID with a 2022 impact factor of 5.235. To account for a corresponding growth in submissions and to fill some previously unmet needs, we are looking for qualified applicants to fill the following roles:

  • Associate Editor-Vaccinology and Vaccine Policy: The applicant should have significant prior expertise and publications either on vaccine science, vaccine evaluation and implementation or vaccine policy.
  • Associate Editor-HIV/AIDS: The applicant should have significant prior expertise and publications in clinical management of HIV in the US or abroad, global efforts on HIV treatment and prevention or domestic/global policy regarding HIV/AIDS.
  • Associate Editor(s)-Biostatistics (1 or 2): The Statistical Editor has an Associate Editor role and will help facilitate peer review for manuscripts with a special focus on the methodologic quality of the submitted work. The qualified applicant will have an advanced degree in biostatistics (PhD preferred) and significant expertise in causal inference methods, analysis of large data sets, and clinical trial design. This role will be unique as rather than primarily handling a subset of papers, the statistical editor(s) will likely consult on many papers to confirm that the statistical methodology and study design are valid.
  • Associate Editors (2)-ID Consultant section:  These applicants will curate the content of the JPIDS ID Consultant column.  The goals of this column are to highlight clinical topics that may not be well-represented in the literature: clinical management of rare conditions unable to be studied using well-designed clinical trials; clinical opinions that either run counter to prevailing wisdom or refute commonly accepted dogma; paired articles that offer a “Pro-Con” discussion of a topic of great interest.  Other topics can be considered based on the interest of the AEs.  Given the goals of the column, the applicants should have a combination of significant personal clinical experience as well as a publication record in one or many clinical topics that are likely to be included in the column.

Job Description and Expectations

  • AEs are expected to manage the papers they are assigned, with the option to send for external review by qualified reviewers in the field of study. 
  • AEs attend most weekly web conferences (each Tuesday, 10am Eastern), summarize the papers they are managing with a synthesis of the reviewers’ comments and their opinion for disposition and also offer their comments on papers presented by other AEs. 
  • AEs may be asked by the EiC or Deputy EiC to lead or co-lead specific journal initiatives that include soliciting content for future issues.
  • AEs attend, either in-person or virtually, an annual AE meeting held at IDWeek.
  • AEs are expected to be an advocate for JPIDS within local and regional networks, encouraging submissions and engaging colleagues in the peer review process.
  • AEs are expected to be members of PIDS for all of the positions, with the exception of the biostats AE where membership could come after assuming the role.

Desired Attributes

  • Highly organized, motivated individual with the skills and talent to foster excellence in research
  • Respectful, reliable, and professional team player
  • Established relationships with statisticians, clinical investigators, and researchers in the health sciences
  • Editorial and peer reviewer experience in healthcare research and statistics
  • Willingness to learn the web-based Editorial Manager system and the Journal’s editorial guidelines

Length of appointment

Associate editors will be initially appointed for a one-year term.  If both parties agree, the term is extended another 4 years for a total of 5 years.  Either the editorial base or the editor may request a re-evaluation of the agreement at any point during the active term. Applications will be considered as they are submitted and a mutually agreed upon start date will begin the term.


Though this is currently an unpaid, volunteer editor role, AEs will begin receiving a stipend that equals complimentary PIDS annual membership in January 2023.

JPIDS embraces the values of diversity, equity and inclusion and seeks to build a team of AEs that reflects the readership we serve. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds to apply and will take a holistic view for each applicant.

All applicants will be asked to provide:

  • a brief statement of interest
  • a summary of key qualifications
  • an updated CV with full bibliography
  • For all AE applicants except Biostatistics: a writing sample consisting of 2 papers as first/last author offering the committee the best examples of the AE’s writing style.
  • For the Biostatistical AE applicant(s): examples from publications as author or co-author demonstrating advanced techniques to assess causal inference, complicated clinical trial design or other methods relevant when reviewing future papers

Please submit applications as one single pdf via email to and/or

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