IDWeek Vice Chair to Chair Selection Criteria

  1. At any one time, there are three  IDWeek Chair positions:  
    1. PIDS Chair     2 PIDS Vice-Chair    3. PIDS Vice-Chair-Elect
  1. Progression from  one year to the next:
    1. Vice Chair-Elect moves to Vice Chair
    2. Vice-Chair moves to Chair
    3. Chair moves off of the Program Committee* (* For 2021, the past chair will stay on for one year)
  1. Incoming Vice-Chair-Elect nominees are initially identified by current PIDS IDWeek Chair/Vice-Chair/Vice-Chair-Elect and put forth to the  PIDS Programs and Meetings Committee Chair, with ultimate approval by the PIDS Board.
  1. Members considering themselves eligible based on the criteria below may also self-nominate by putting forth their name to Christy Philips.  They should not directly approach or lobby current IDWeek Chair/Vice Chair or Vice-Chair elect.
  1. The current IDWeek Chair/Vice-Chair/Vice-Chair-elect will use the following eligibility criteria in identifying up to 3 potential nominees for the Vice-Chair Elect position (including self-nominated individuals made know to them by Christy Phillips):
    1. Prior service on the PIDS Programs and Meetings Committee – minimum of 2 years prior experience; can be current or prior member of committee
    2. Prior service as IDWeek Abstract reviewer.   Prior PAS Abstract reviewer will also be considered.
    3. Ideally,  has prior experience on a Conference Programming committee (either PIDS, IDSA, PAS, regional or institutional)
    4. Track record of inclusiveness and working well with others
    5. Connected with other societies through their research, clinical/committee work  beyond PIDS
    6. Consideration for gender diverse representation on the Programming Committee  – e.g. should not nominate a male or female repetitively every year e.g. for years 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, all women were nominated, so for 2019, preference for male was made.  Does not need to alternate male/female each year, but overall trend should be equal representation.
    7. Other personal leadership qualities may also be taken into consideration.
  1. Final selection of IDWeek Vice-Chair Elect should occur by January 8th of the year preceding the next IDWeek Meeting (e.g. Vice-Chair Elect for 2021 meeting should be identified and approved by January 8th).  Because this year’s meeting was changed to virtual and the 2021 format is still unknown, the 2021 planning meeting has been pushed back to February 2021.
  1. Prior to announcing the new Chair to the PIDS membership, the final selection by the Board will notify the current IDWeek Chair, Vice-Chair and Vice-Chair elect of the selection.

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