Apr. 30, 2021

The Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) connects thousands of pediatricians and other health care providers united by a common mission: to improve the health and well-being of children worldwide. This international gathering, delivered virtually in 2021, offers opportunities for a global audience of physician-scientists, clinicians, and educators to share research, explore new ideas, build career opportunities, and collaborate on future projects. Presentations cover issues of interest to generalists as well as topics critical to a wide array of specialty and sub-specialty areas.

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PAS Meeting 2021 – Infectious Diseases Programming

This list includes PIDS sponsored sessions, PIDS co-sponsored sessions, and sessions of ID interest.

Date/TimePresentation Title: (LIVE and ON DEMAND)Speakers
Saturday, May 1; 9 am-12 pm CTCurrent Progress on Pathogenesis and Etiology of Kawasaki Disease – ON DEMANDMark Hicar, MD, PhD
Saturday, May 1; 9 am-12 pm CTNewborn Microbiome, Perinatal Antibiotics, and Childhood Health – ON DEMANDHeather Burris, MD, MPH and Sagori Mukhopadhyay, MD, MMSc
Saturday, May 1; 1-4 pm CTIs Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection a Vaccine-Preventable Disease: Candidate Vaccines Enter Clinical Trials Even as Uncertainties About the Protective Role of Maternal Immunity Emerge – ON DEMANDMark Schleiss, MD and Sallie Permar, MD, PhD
Sunday, May; 9 am-12 pm CTExpanding Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship: Practical Strategies, Novel Settings, and Sociobehavioral Influences – ON DEMANDMichael Smith, MD, MSCE and Alison Tribble, MD, MSCE
Sunday, May 2; 9 am-12 pm CTMicrobial Metabolites Associated With Immunity and Central Nervous System Health in Early Life: Opportunities for Biomarker Discovery and Therapeutics – ON DEMANDMohan Pammi, MD, PhD, MRCPCH and Josef Neu, MD
Sunday, May 2; 1-3 pm CTLessons From the Pandemic: How a Children’s Hospital Responded to the Challenges of COVID-19 – LIVEJohn Lantos, MD, Paul Kempinski, MS, FACHE, Jodi Coombs, Angela Myers, MD, MPH, Jennifer Watts, MD, MPH, and Laurie Ellison, MBA
Sunday, May 2; 1-3 pm CTHot Topic Debates: Antibiotic Use in Hospitalized Children – LIVERana Hamdy, MD, MPH, MSCE and Matthew Kronman, MD, MSCE
Sunday, May 2; 1-3 pm CTThe 2021 American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Practice Guideline for Febrile Infants 8-60 Days – LIVERobert Pantell, MD
Sunday, May 2; 4:30-7 pm CTSepsis and Inflammation: New Insights in the Era of COVID-19 – ON DEMANDCynthia Bearer, MD, PhD
Monday, May 3; 9 am-12 pm CTVaccine Hesitancy: A Communicable Condition Spreading Around the World – ON DEMANDPaul Offit, MD and Nobuhiko Okabe, and Hiroyuki Moriuchi, MD, PhD
Monday, May 3; 1-3 pm CTControversies in the Diagnosis and Management of Urinary Tract Infection in Infants <2 Months Old – LIVEMarie Wang, MD, MPH
Monday, May 3; 1-3 pm CTGlobal Health State-of-the-Art Update Part 1: Direct and Indirect Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Health of Children ad Adolescents in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Solutions and Research Priorities – LIVEZulfiqar Bhutta, MBBS, PhD and Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, MD, PhD, MPH
Monday, May 3; 4:30-7 pm CTProbiotics in Pediatrics: Risks vs. Potential Benefits in 2021—What You Need to Know – ON DEMANDGregory Priebe, MD and Patricia Hibberd, MD, PhD
Tuesday, May 4; 9 am-12 pm CTAdolescent HIV: Addressing the Epidemic in the Pediatric Emergency Department – ON DEMANDColleen Gutman, MD
Tuesday, May 4; 9 am-12 pm CTMicro-Management: Using Diagnostic Stewardship to Improve Pediatric Care – ON DEMANDKaty Goggin, MD, MSc
Tuesday, May 4; 1-3 pm CTGlobal Health State-of-the Art Update: International Partnerships During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Equity, Innovations, and Outcomes for Child and Adolescent Health – LIVESuzinne Pak-Gorstein, MD, PhD, MPH and Zulfiqar Bhutta, MBBS, PhD
Tuesday, May 4; 1-3 pm CTTackling the Penicillin Allergy Label:  A Multidisciplinary Perspective of Allergy De-labeling – LIVEJames W. Antoon, MD, PhD
Monday, May 10; 1-3 pm CTPediatric Telemedicine Across the Spectrum: Case Studies in Critical Care, Hospital Medicine, and Infectious Disease – LIVEVandana Madhavan, MD, MPH
Tuesday, May 11; 9-10:30 am CTCOVID Vaccines and Children – LIVEKristina Bryant, MD and Paul Offit, MD
Tuesday, May 11; 1-3 pm CTInfectious Diseases: PIDS Top Abstracts – LIVEMichael Smith, MD, MSCE and Louise Vaz, MD, MPH
Wednesday, May 12; 9-11 am CTRacism, Not Race, Is a Risk Factor for COVID-19 and Other DiseasesAyesha Khan and Anthony Flores, MD, MPH, PhD
Wednesday, May 19; 9-11 am CTNeonatal Sepsis Club: An Ounce of Prevention – LIVEDavid Kaufman, MD and Dustin Flannery, DO, MSCE
Thursday, May 27; 9-11 am CTThe Leadership Journey: From Personal Exploration to Curriculum DevelopmentHayley Gans, MD, Rebecca Blankenburg, MD, MPH, Angela Myers, MD, MPH, Allison Guerin, Charlene Larson Rotandi, AB, C-TAGME, Susan Hathaway, and Erica Okamura, MA
Tuesday, Jun 1; 1-3 pm CTCommunicate Your Career: How to Build a Compelling Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statement – LIVESarah Long, MD, Nancy Spector, MD, Theodore Sectish, and Sharon Calaman, MD
Oral Abstract Sessions
Saturday, May 1; 2-4 pm pm CTInfectious Diseases:  COVID-19 & Zika
Sunday, May 2; 4:30-6 pm CTInfectious Diseases:  Potpourri
Monday, May 3; 10 am-12 pm CTNeonatal Infectious Diseases/Immunology:  Neonatal Sepsis
Tuesday, May 4; 4:30-6 pm CTNeonatal Infectious Diseases/Immunology:  Potpourri
Trainee Zone/Pathway Talks
On DemandTrainee Pathway Talk:  Developing Your Mission and ValuesAudrey Odom John, MD, PhD
On DemandTrainee Pathway Talk:  Role of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Professionals in Modern Vaccine DevelopmentBarbara Pahud, MD, MPH
Trainee Zone: Meet the Doctor Sessions
Tuesday, May 11; 11-11:30 am CTMeet the Doctor Session #1:  Developing Your Mission and Values Questions & AnswersAudrey Odom John, MD, PhD
Tuesday, May 11; 11:30 am-12 pm CTMeet the Doctor Session #2: Allergy De-labeling with Pediatric Infectious Diseases Questions & AnswersAmol Purandare, MD
May 11; 12-12:30 pm CTMeet the Doctor Session #3: Role of PID Professionals in Modern Vaccine Development Question & AnswersBarbara Pahud, MD, MPH
May 11; 12:30-1 pm CTMeet the Doctor Session #4:  Leadership Journey Questions & AnswersAngela Myers, MD, MPH

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