IDWeek 2021

Virtual Conference
Sep. 29 - Oct. 3, 2021

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IDWeek is the joint annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), the HIV Medical Association (HIVMA), the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (PIDS), and the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists (SIDP).

At IDWeek, you will see familiar colleagues and new faces. IDWeek is a forum for health professionals of varied backgrounds to collaborate, cooperate, and learn from each other’s expertise. With so many common issues and challenges cutting across our four disciplines, IDWeek provides an opportunity to learn from each other’s knowledge, experience and expertise, for the improvement of patient care and public health.

This is an inclusive meeting that offers access to internationally recognized leaders in the field and the opportunity to network with the most highly respected health professionals in infectious diseases, including HIV.


Session Name Speakers Session Date Session Time
Advances in Pediatric TB and NTM William Steinbach, Andrea Cruz, Devan Jaganath, P.Ling Lin 9/30/2021 12:30 PM
Diversity and Inclusion Amidst COVID-19 David Hyun, Anthony Flores, Amina Ahmed, Roberto Santos 9/30/2021 12:30 PM
Challenging Cases in Pediatric Infectious Diseases Victoria Statler, Isaac Thomsen, Sharon F. Chen, Kathleen McGann, Surabhi (Sara) Vora, Upton Allen 9/30/2021 3:45 PM
Hot Topics in Pediatric Infectious Diseases Joshua Wolf, Brian Fisher, Tony Moody, William Steinbach 9/30/2021 5:15 PM
Perinatal Transmission of Potential Pathogens: Managing the Mother Infant Dyad Natasha Halasa, Lisa Akhtar 9/30/2021 5:15 PM
Stanley A. Plotkin Lecture in Vaccinology Award Kristina Bryant, David Hyun, William Gruber 10/1/2021 9:30 AM
Emergence of a new SARS-CoV-2 critical illness: what is it and how do we treat it Michael Levin, Adriana Tremoulet, Kristina Bryant, Delane Shingadia, Adriana Tremoulet, Michael Levin 10/1/2021 10:00 AM
Latest and Greatest in Pediatric Surgical Device-Associated Infections William Steinbach, Debra Lugo, Tamara Simon 10/1/2021 11:30 AM
Controversies and Challenges in Pediatric Transplant ID Hayley Gans, Inci Yildirim, Beth Knackstedt, Benjamin Hanisch, Scott Weissman 10/1/2021 2:45 PM
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs Ishminder Kaur, David Hyun, Payal Patel, Hayden Schwenk 10/1/2021 2:45 PM
Mano-a-Mano Hayley Gans, Gabriella Lamb, William Muller, Nanda Ramchandar, James Wood, Isaac Thomsen, Surabhi (Sara) Vora, Rebecca Same 10/1/2021 4:15 PM
Caroline B. Hall Lecture Kristina Bryant, David Hyun, Betsy Herold 10/2/2021 10:00 AM
Precision Pediatric ID: Targeting Treatment and Prevention Strategies for Challenging Pediatric Infections Hayley Gans, Rebecca Pellett Madan, Daniel Dulek, Kevin Downes, Jennifer Goldman 10/2/2021 1:15 PM

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