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TRAINING PROGRAM DIRECTOR:Tanvi Sharma, MD RESEARCH INTEREST: Pediatric HIV; Infections in immunocompromised hosts

CHIEF OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES:Michael Wessels, MD RESEARCH INTEREST:Molecular pathogenesis of streptococcal infection

ASSOCIATE:Asim Ahmed, MD RESEARCH INTEREST:Arboviruses and mechanisms of viral entry

ASSOCIATE:Anna Aldovini, MD RESEARCH INTEREST:HIV Pathogenesis; Vaccine development

ASSOCIATE:Sandra Burchett MD RESEARCH INTEREST:Pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of vertically transmitted HIV infection; Congenital infections

ASSOCIATE:Simon Dove, Ph.D. RESEARCH INTEREST:Regulation of transcription in pathogenic bacteria

ASSOCIATE:  Jeffrey Dvorin, MD, PhD.  RESEARCH INTEREST:  Malaria; Parasitology; Tropical medicine

ASSOCIATE:Donald Goldmann,MD RESEARCH INTEREST:Epidemiology of nosocomial infection; pathogenesis of staphylococcal infection

ASSOCIATE:Courtney Gidengil, MD, MPH   RESEARCH INTEREST:Pediatric Health Services Research; Vaccine economics; Vaccine policy; Antibiotic Resistance

ASSOCIATE:Ioannis Gryllos, PhD RESEARCH INTEREST:Pathogenesis mechanisms of group A streptococcus

ASSOCIATE:Marvin Harper, MD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Health Information IT and quality of care; Management of febrile young children; Acute diagnosis and management of pneumonia and its complications; Initial diagnosis of meningitis

ASSOCIATE:Robert Husson, MD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Molecular pathogenesis of M. tuberculosis infection

ASSOCIATE:Julia Koehler, MD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Molecular genetics of Candida albicans pathogenesis and drug susceptibility

ASSOCIATE:Catherine Lachenauer, MD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Infections in immunocompromised hosts; Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy

ASSOCIATE:Grace Lee, MD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Epidemiology of infectious diseases; Health services research; Vaccine economics and policy

ASSOCIATE:Katherine Lemon, MD, PhD RESEARCH INTEREST:Human upper respiratory tract microbiome

ASSOCIATE:Ofer Levy, MD, PhD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Innate immunity to microbial infection

ASSOCIATE:Yingjie Lu, PhD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Vaccine development of streptococcus pneumoniae and other pathogens

ASSOCIATE:Richard Malley, MD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Pneumococcal pathogenesis and immunity; vaccine development


ASSOCIATE:Kenneth McIntosh, MD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Natural history, treatment and prevention of HIV infection

ASSOCIATE:John Misasi, MD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Mechanisms of filovirus entry into host cells

ASSOCIATE:  Kristin Moffitt, MD RESEARCH INTEREST:  Host bacterial pathogen interactions; Bacaterial vaccine development

ASSOCIATE:Mari M. Nakamura, MD, MPH. RESEARCH INTEREST:Promoting effective use of vaccines; Using health information technology to improve pediatric safety and quality

ASSOCIATE:Greg Priebe, MD RESEARCH INTEREST:Pathogenesis of immunity to infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

ASSOCIATE:Thomas Sandora, MD, MPH RESEARCH INTEREST:Hand hygiene; patient safety; clinical effectiveness

ASSOCIATE:Michael Silverman, MD, PhD RESEARCH INTEREST:Interactions between the gut microbiota, MHC/HLA genes and protection from type I diabetes


ASSOCIATE:Neeraj Surana, MD, PhD RESEARCH INTERESTS:Immunological effects of microbiota

ASSOCIATE:Paula Watnick, MD, PhD RESEARCH INTEREST:Cholera pathogenesis; biofilms


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GRANT FUNDING RECEIVED FOR FELLOW RESEARCH PROJECTS: Pediatric Scientist Development Award; Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society St. Jude Award; NIH Training Grant; NIH individual training awards

MAJOR FEATURES OF TRAINING PROGRAM:The goal of this training program is to prepare fellows for a career in academic Pediatric Infectious Diseases. This fellowship begins with one year of intensive clinical training, including diagnostic microbiology/virology and one month of clinical training in infectious diseases of adults. The second and third years are devoted primarily to research, either in the laboratory or as part of training programs in clinical research, epidemiology or health services research. The program is closely associated with the internal medicine infectious diseases units of the neighboring Harvard hospitals, as well as with the Department of Microbiology of Harvard Medical School . Research opportunities are available with the faculty in our division, and with faculty in affiliated institutions.

AFFILIATED HOSPITALS:Boston Children’s Hospital








Program provides training in diagnostic microbiology using laboratories on site:

Microbiology laboratory: YES
Clinical virus isolation laboratory: YES
Molecular diagnostics: YES
Other – Please specify:

Program provides training in infection control and hospital epidemiology as:

Didactic lectures: YES
Hands on experience: YES
Infection Control Meetings/Membership: NO

Opportunity to fulfill the ABP requirements for scholarly activity is available in the following general areas:

Bacteriology/bacterial infections: YES
Epidemiology and statistics: YES
Infection control/hospital epidemiology: YES
Immunizations/Public health: YES
Mycology/fungal infections: YES
Parasitology/parasitic diseases: YES
Virology/viral diseases: YES
Antimicrobial agents: YES
Other – Please specify: Outcomes research

Research opportunities in the section’s program could be described as:

Basic (bench): YES
Molecular: YES
Translational: YES
Epidemiologic: YES
Clinical: YES
International/Public Health: YES
Health Services: YES
HIV, Basic: YES
HIV, Clinical: YES
Other – Please specify:

Documented liaison exists offering opportunities for research experience n the laboratory of investigator(s) who is (are) not faculty of the section: YES

Program offers the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree in a field such as Public Health, Education, Clinical Sciences, or Epidemiology (assuming appropriate arrangements are made): YES

Other – Please specify:

Graduate school courses are available to trainee (assuming appropriate arrangements are made): YES

Program provides substantial clinical experiences for trainees in special areas/hosts:

Bone marrow transplantation: YES
Solid organ/transplantation: YES
Travelers/adoptees: YES
Adults: YES
Congenital immune deficiencies: YES
Other – Please specify:

Program includes ABP-required core curricula in scholarly activities in didactic lecture course for fellows (includes epidemiology, statistics, research design, and academic careers): YES

Program has an NIH-sponsored training grant:YES

The Infectious Diseases Service is the primary care provider for HIV-infected children and adolescents: NO

Average number of new outpatient consultations per month: 51

Average number of established outpatient follow-up visits per month: 60

Average number of new inpatient consultations per month: 79

Number of trainees completing program in the last 5 years: (2008-2013): 15

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