July 25, 2023

Open Call for PIDS Vice Chair-elect to IDWeek Planning Committee 2023

The Program and Meetings Committee seeks nominations to fill the critical role of Vice Chair-elect, which represents PIDS and the pediatric track on the IDWeek Planning Committee. 

The IDWeek program committee consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and Vice Chair-elect, who work with the broader Program committee members and the PIDS community to develop the pediatric sessions for IDWeek. The position is a three-year commitment with advancement through the roles and requires availability for two in-person meetings annually, virtual committee meetings approximately monthly, and more frequently for planning purposes. In addition, the committee reviews all session submissions and abstracts for pediatric sessions and the broader IDWeek session areas.

Are you interested in being considered for this opportunity to represent the Society? Please view the selection criteria below and submit a statement of interest signifying your qualifications and ability to commit to the requirements via email to pids@idsociety.org by Monday, August 14. 

You are welcome to contact Hayley Gans, chair of Program and Meetings Committee, or at pids@idsociety.org should you have any questions.  

The current ​PIDS IDWeek Chair/Vice-Chair/Vice-Chair-elect will use the following eligibility criteria in identifying up to 3 nominees for the Vice Chair-elect position. Those selections will then be sent to the PIDS Board for full consideration. The person chosen should expect to start orientation prior to and during IDWeek in October in Boston, MA.


  • Prior experience in at least one of the following:
    • The PIDS Program and Meetings Committee – minimum 2 years prior experience is preferred but not mandatory; can be current or prior member of committee
    • IDWeek Abstract reviewer; prior PAS Abstract reviewer will also be considered
    • On a Conference Programming committee (i.e., PIDS, IDSA, SHEA, PAS, regional or institutional, or other [please specify])
    • Other organizational leadership role that you feel provided skills that could be applied to this role, please explain
  • Track record of inclusiveness and working well with others
  • Addition of diversity to our Programming Committee and to PIDS IDWeek leadership
  • Other personal leadership qualities
  • Willing to commit three years to program committee serving as vice chair-elect, vice chair and chair
  • Able to commit to attending committee planning meetings, including but not limited to in person meetings typically in December and June, and other meetings as needed
  • Able to review abstracts including late breaker abstracts in addition to the session review process
  • A list of all prior experiences (including but not limited to those ones identified above) and how these would add to your qualifications for the position

Note: You will not be eligible to speak at IDWeek for the duration of your service, if selected

We look forward to hearing from you.

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