President’s Letter from C. Buddy Creech – Pediatricians at PAS

You have likely heard me refer to PAS as our chance to lean into the ‘pediatrician’ aspect of our specialty. PAS specifically provides an opportunity for us to talk to the many medical students and pediatric residents who attend, an opportunity for us to impress upon them the importance of infectious diseases. I looked forward to speaking with them – particularly our meetID cohort who attended – and attending our PIDS events.

At the last minute, I decided to cancel my travel to PAS; my family simply needed me to be at home (and honestly, I needed them). I’m grateful for our PIDS community who stepped up and covered for me. In a 25th Amendment-esque way, PIDS President-Elect Bill Steinbach led the PIDS meet and greet with attending students and trainees (including members of the PAS meetID cohort) and hosted the PIDS reception on Saturday night. I am grateful for him serving in this way.

Bill also represented PIDS in honoring Dr. Bonnie Maldonado, this year’s American Pediatric Society Howland Awardee. The John Howland Award is the highest honor given by APS and honors an “esteemed pediatric leader whose significant contributions have advanced child health and the profession of pediatrics.” We could not be prouder of the work Bonnie has done, both in the U.S. and around the world, bringing health and security to countless children and families.

We also celebrate an unprecedented ID streak for this award, as Bonnie joins Kathy Edwards (2021) and Rich Whitley (2022) as recent awardees. If you know Bonnie, I encourage you to send a quick note of congratulations to her.

As a good friend of mine has said, “when we come together and share our successes, it breeds competition; but when we also share our vulnerabilities and weaknesses, it fosters community.” If we’re honest, none of us has it all together; but our PIDS community can be one that celebrates wins and comforts during loss with equal vigor.

Press on in your work, knowing that the work you do is so important to your teams, your patients, your institutions, and to children around the world.

Onward and upward,


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