March 9, 2022

President’s Letter from Dr. C. Buddy Creech – Hope in Spite of Burdens

I think we all recognize that life is punctuated with uncertainty, frustration, and loss. The current state of our world offers ample evidence of that. There is much that burdens us.

The two-year anniversary of the pandemic in the US marks a sobering milestone. And while the omicron wave has ebbed, SARS-CoV-2 continues to present uncertainties. We continue to care for children with infections and underlying diseases that we are all too frequently unable to treat completely. At the same time, we grieve with the people of Ukraine who have been subjected to an unprovoked conflict that has displaced millions within the region and led to untold suffering for children and adults alike.

Yet, despite these realities, we continue to press onward, fueled by hope, love, and faith in what will be.

During this time, it is our good fortune to be in community with one another. I was reminded of this during the recently completed St. Jude/PIDS meeting as colleagues from around the world gathered, albeit virtually, to advance our shared mission of reducing the global burden of infectious diseases. It was encouraging to see science’s uninterrupted march forward, and even more so to see all of those in attendance.

When we gather next at PAS, IDWeek, and next year’s St. Jude/PIDS meeting, there will be much to catch up on. It is my sincere hope that our PIDS community will serve as great encouragement to all of us, both now and in the future.

Joy after mourning and beauty from ashes; these hopes sustain me as we enter the 3rd year of the pandemic. I hope you find encouragement in them as well. I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

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