What’s in the News: Dengue Vaccine Candidate Demonstrates 62.0% Efficacy

A dengue vaccine candidate had 62.0% efficacy against the illness and 83.6% efficacy against hospitalized dengue in children and adolescents, according to recently reported trial results. The data comes from an ongoing phase 3 study of Takeda Pharmaceutical’s TAK-003 candidate vaccine, which showed continued protection against dengue illness and hospitalization, regardless of previous dengue exposure, with no important safety risks identified through 3 years after vaccination, according to the company. The vaccine showed greater overall efficacy among seropositive children and adolescents (65.0%) than among their seronegative counterparts (54.3%). The trial enrolled more than 20,000 healthy individuals 4 to 16 years old in dengue-endemic countries in Latin America and Asia. The safety and efficacy results were presented at the 2021 Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine on May 22.

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