Early Exposure to Pediatrics/Pediatric Subspecialties – Survey Request

Hello PIDS Members,

There is an Early Exposure Action Team working on improving early exposure to pediatrics and all pediatric subspecialties.  This action team consists of Council of Pediatric Subspecialties (CoPS) and Council of Medical Student Education in Pediatrics (COMSEP) representatives. The Early Exposure Action Team has created a short survey of 25 questions with a bit of branching logic taking 15-20 minutes total. You will notice the questions are similar but they first ask about high school/undergraduate students, then about medical students and finally about residents.  

The team plans to use the information from this survey to create a Pediatric and Pediatric Subspecialties Toolbox on the Council of Pediatric Subspecialties website to enhance recruitment of pre-medical and medical students into general pediatrics and residents into pediatric subspecialties. 

To learn about the efforts to raise awareness about and increase exposure to general pediatrics and the pediatric subspecialties, with the aim to recruit trainees to residency and then fellowship, please complete this short anonymous survey. 


This study has been deemed to be exempt by the IRB of Children’s Mercy, Kansas City (STUDY00001750). Your participation is voluntary, such that by proceeding to answer the survey implies your consent and agreement to participate. 

Multiple replies from different individuals at the same institution, practice, or location are welcomed.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!


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