PIDS Program and Meetings Committee Update

The primary goal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (PIDS) Program and Meetings Committee is to oversee and coordinate the pediatric infectious disease programming for the annual Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) meeting and IDWeek meeting. This includes reviewing proposed sessions, obtaining and reviewing abstract scoring data, and proposing a program that includes novel, innovative, and cutting-edge topics of interest to the PIDS membership and our colleagues. The committee strives to ensure that a variety of topics are presented during the meeting to appeal to the various infectious disease subgroups (e.g. global health, antimicrobial stewardship, basic science researchers, translational and clinical researchers, infection control, HIV care, etc.).

Additionally, this committee coordinates the process for proposed session review, abstract review, and selection of moderators/facilitators. The PIDS Program and Meetings Committee has representatives on both the IDWeek and PAS Program Committees. These representatives coordinate with representatives from other general pediatrics and subspecialty societies/organizations to determine how best to serve the interests of all attendees and to develop the final approved program for each national meeting. Representatives of the PIDS Programs and Meetings Committee play an important role in maintaining the visibility and voice of PIDS within the larger Infectious Diseases Society of America and PAS administrative structures.

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